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MD-PhD in training, University of North Carolina

M.Phil Bioscience Enterprise, University of Cambridge

BS Genetics & Chemistry, University of Georgia



Outside of Boston and San Francisco, most of the country, like the Research Triangle in NC, is what I call, "overscienced and underfunded." There are a wealth of untapped technology platforms that need investment, commercial strategy, and clinical guidance to translate scientific findings into patient impact. I help scientists and founders achieve their original vision by providing business guidance, outlining preclinical development strategy, and then connecting them with strategic partners, both clinical and commercial.


Understanding the science and its unique advantage is the bedrock of our strategy.



I started working  directly with the founders of StrideBio and Ribometrix in the earliest stages of company formation in the 3-person to 4-person stages of the business. I operated in many roles for the past 4+ years, from strategic pipeline development, to partnering/fundraising discussions, to financial modeling. I enjoy being the doer in an organization, and I prioritize getting the job done right for our team.

I've worked in a variety of application-oriented scientific fields - from engineering hyperthermophiles for biofuel production, to designing tissue-specific synthetic promoters for gene therapy, to developing nanoparticles for cancer targeting, and now to screening RNA structure-targeted therapeutics that influence gene regulation.


This breadth supplemented with my training in the M.Phil in Bioscience Enterprise (MBE) at the University of Cambridge, a curriculum designed to provide the requisite skills to commercialize biotechnology, allows me to work across a variety of teams and technologies. 



I am in my MD/PhD training at the University of North Carolina. This unique dual-degree provides the training to understand the underlying science behind the company’s technology, but also the holistic view to envision its implementation in the human body and in medical practice.

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